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Whose Fault?

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Whose Fault?

First of all call me crazy; i am convinced there was widespread voter fraud and has been since 2008. Just worse now. I don't know as it can be totally attributed to the Romney loss(we'll see)though. We KNEW the Dem drones would fall in line. Never a doubt. They always do. IF not voter fraud then the blame falls squarely on ppl who stayed home. Here i thought everyone would have crawled over broken glass,walked over hot coals or voted a cock roach before they let Obama win. Guess not. I would like to know WHY(if) these people stayed home. We can't blame the Dems-they're drones. They'd vote for Al Capone if he were on their ticket. We shred ours. The blame is squarely on the people that didn't care enough about their country to let Obama get re-elected.
Catholics that voted Obama-shame on them especially.The Bishops couldn't have been any clearer. Guess you'll have to learn the hard way. I heard Jewish voters voted overwhelmingly for Obama. This one i can't understand either. Obama is the most anti Israel Potus we've ever had and from what i've seen he's anti Semitic. Yep, i believe that.

Like to discuss the voter fraud issue. i've been informed this is a conspiracy theory. Maybe it is. I'm open to that possibility. Is Obama corrupt? Was(is)Obama tied to Acorn well known for its voter fraud? Would Obama do anything to win? Is he a liar? IF you can say no to all those questions then i'll say voter fraud is a conspiracy theory. PLS tell me there was no voter suppression. Tell me the military ballots were counted. Frankly, i'm just not sure but i'm not ready to say it's a conspiracy theory either.
This is low turn out?

Think this was either Pa or Ohio
Shoot me for saying it. Romney is a good man. He was a great candidate. NOBODY could have beat Obama. I don't care who we'd have put out there. Remember Obama talking to Medenev? He didn't say IF he won re-election. We know Obama has a lot of hubris but to say when he won re-election he would have more flexibility is just too certain- even for Obama.He KNEW he was going to win.
IF Obama won because people stayed home, because Catholics and Jews voted for him-it's shameful. I almost rather it were fraud and irregularities.
Now tell me, if you stayed home, WHY
The folks didn't want Romney? The next comment is a direct quote from someone who voted Romney and is representative of a lot of comments i read on FB
Mitt IS the best and I wish he could be our President too. I would vote for him all over again. I know if he ran again, he would have a stronger chance in winning. People will see what a mistake it was to get Obama in office another 4 years!
I was one of those who voted Romney this time and will totally support Draft Romney 2016.
What's up with the Gov since the election? He was asked to rejoin the board of directors of the hotel chain, Marriott.It's called working in the private sector,something Mitt Romney has been doing for some time.Unlike Mr Radical Obama who hasn't a clue what the private sector is.I'm going to talk about this tmw. How they painted Romney when it was Obama who was the ELITIST.
Plus the media has been following him and his wife around doing snotty stories anytime they're seen doing something common and wearing 'regular' clothes. I didn't know they ran around in tuxedo's and designer dresses to shop. Let's talk about the fancy vacations taken by the Obama's on the taxpayer dime.The media had it all backwards.Obama is the 1% along with his cronies from GE,the Unions,Hollywood et al.
As for me i'm sick and tired of ppl saying what Romney did wrong. Romney being the wrong candidate. BLAH,BLAH,BLAH. NOBODY would have beat Obama. Obama could murder his grandmother on tv and the news would blame his grandmother. The drones would eat it up. Romney gets 0 positive coverage and we eat it up and spread it amongst ourselves.It's the way we roll.


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